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Notion Template : Life Management System

Braden Koh
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Designed to help you manage all aspects of life by offering :

‣ A Cooking Assistant, which has:

       ➼ A Weekly Planning Board 

       ➼ A Recipe Database

       ➼ Automated Shopping List

‣ A Review Dashboard, which has:

       ➼ A Weekly Review Template

       ➼ A Monthly Review Template

       ➼ Life Compass and Life Identity Template Pages

‣ A Life Journal, which has:

       ➼ A Customizable journaling workflow 

       ➼A Weekly Task Planning Board

       ➼A Project Database 

       ➼ Linked Task to Project Database feature

‣ A Workout Tracker, which has:

       ➼ A workout routine template

‣ Integrated data and automation across all four systems, by: 

       ➼ Automatically bringing daily Information into Weekly Reviews

       ➼Automatically bringing meals and workouts into Weekly Reviews

       ➼ Automatically bringing Weekly Review information into Monthly Reviews

For an in-depth walkthrough and tutorial of this template, visit :

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Life Management System Notion Template Query

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Notion Template : Life Management System

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